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Kendam is a pioneering fashion news media and content distribution platform. A premier destination for the latest in fashion news, trendsetting content, and a dynamic platform for fashion brands to showcase their creations.

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Offering a curated lens into the global fashion panorama, our commitment lies in presenting news coverage that is both fair and discerning. This dedication extends to our focus on emerging designers and new brands, capturing the evolving composition of the fashion landscape.

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Kendam stands firm in its sustainability commitment. Our datacenters operate carbon neutrally, twice as efficient as conventional counterparts. Guided by circular principles, our product design reflects mindful resource use.

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Founded by Marco Brucci, Kendam presents an alternative and independent viewpoint of the global fashion scene. Kendam has consistently adhered to its mission of injecting innovation into the industry, leading the way in a fresh era of digital transformation within the fashion news media sector.